Woodland Collection Design Process 2

During this past week I have been out with my trusty camera phone, snapping the local wooded area for my latest project. After sifting through the images, I created some collages to work from, one of which is below. From here I will create a series of colour palates that I can build my collection around. This is an important step in my pattern design as colour is a major element in helping to tie different drawings and illustrations together to form one fluid collection.

Woodland Collection Design Process 1

This week I am going to start a new project for an interiors company and I plan to post my design process along the way. I will begin with my research, influences and ideas. This will include a mood board of current market trends and elements that i feel fit into the woodland theme. Next week I will be strolling around in the woods, with my camera, snapping everything I can. Following that I will create a colour palette from these images and then I will post my drawings taken from my chosen photos. Then, the last stage of this is to collate all my drawings in photoshop, create a pattern and then a collection of patterns that will sit well together. I began by creating a Pinterest mood board

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