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The Meaning of Flowers

I recently got married in Edinburgh. Our very talented photographers Crofts & Kowalczyk agreed to be our witnesses. You can find their unique style of photography here

Crofts & Kowalczyk

It only took a couple of months to plan as there was just the two of us to think about. The Victorian's meanings and symbolism behind everyday flowers has always intrigued me. I wanted my wedding bouquet to reflect this symbolism so I set about doing my own reserch of flowers that would be avaibale to me at the time of our wedding, the end of feburary.

My wedding bouquet Pressed flowers and drawings.

White Heather: Good luck

White Carnation: Faithfulness

White Lilac: Memories,

Baby's Breath: Pure of Heart

White Carnation: Faithfulness

I pressed my flowers the minute I arrived home and began to create some drawings around these. I have decided to take this idea further and create more patterns that involve symbolism and meaning an extra layer of intrigue.

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