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My Personal 100 Day Challenge

The 100 day challenge is something I have been meaning to do for a while now

(learn more about past challenges and the ethos behind the idea here).

One painting or drawing a day, for 100 days. The challenge is to sit down everyday whether it takes one hour or eight, and produce a piece of artwork and then share it on social media.

My aim and reason for doing this is to improve my botanical prints and to spring me back in to creating hand illustrated designs. I mentioned in my last news post I have recently relocated my studio to Orkney, so I thought this challenge would be a good way to embrace my new environment and get me into the rhythm of creating prints again after the big move.

My hope is that some of the designs I produce over the next 100 days will be listed as prints for you to purchase from my Etsy shop, opening in the near future.

So follow my progress via instagram and use #hackneyandco100days to view my progress.

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