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My Orkney Botanical Wildflower and Herbs Series is now available on Cards.

Its been a long time in the making but I have listened to your suggestions and finally selected 40 designs to be featured on A6 size cards. The botanical studies have the name of the plant and the latin on the front but I have added some details on the back. I have always had a fascination with the use of plants and I have collated my information from various books and essays. The uses of Botanical plants for medicine and herbal remedies, natural dyes and food has always intrigued me and I am still learning.

I am not a botanical artist but when I arrived in Orkney I was amazed at the abundance of wildflowers growing all around me and this prompted me to record them and start my 100 day challenge. Drawing a flower or wild herb everyday.

I have also tried to add the Orcadian or old Norse name for the plants where possible.

Cards are available to buy from many local shops around Orkney and you can view all 40 designs at the new Ortak Gallery & Workshop at Hatston.

If your not in Orkney you can also purchase them direct from my website.

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