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'Hackney & Co' Designer Wallpapers with Milton & King

Exciting news to share with you all ….I am so delighted to announce that I have teamed up with Milton & King to showcase my wallpaper designs. All of my wallpapers are now available to purchase Worldwide. There are Twelve designs available, each coming in a variety of colour ways.

It has always been a dream of mine to see my designs on the walls of your homes and over the years I have had many comments from you about when this will happen, well the time is now.

Milton & King are a family business based in Australia and have Distribution and Customer Service Centres situated in Austin, Texas and Manchester, UK. they are dedicated to the evolution of the wallpaper industry. Producing print on demand, on trend, highly curated and globally designed products.

Milton & King papers are Sourced from FSC Certified Forests and printed with water-based ink. Milton & King’s wallpapers are of the highest quality, are environmentally friendly, and totally 100% vinyl-free.

  • Breathable – These high quality wallpapers are breathable, helping them endure mould and mildew conditions. Thus, perfect to decorate bathrooms, kitchens and laundries.

  • Paste-The-Wall – Made from both natural and non-porous synthetic fibres. These non-woven wallpapers will not absorb moisture from the adhesive. Simply apply the paste directly to the wall. The paper will not expand or contract with no booking time required.

  • Cleanable – Dirt, dust and other marks can be simply cleaned using a damp cloth with soapy water.

  • Durable – Our designer wallpapers are also heard wearing and tear-resistant. This is a great advantage as the wallpapers will not get torn during installation or removal.

  • Easy to Remove – Once completely dry, non-woven wallpapers will come off easily. It should come down in full sheets with no need for the dreaded steamer or water. Without causing any damage to the walls upon their removal

Wallpapers with Milton & King, Cicely by Hackney & Co

A herb and a wildflower, sweet cicely is adorned with fern-like feathery greens accented with the delicate umbrellas of white flowers. The Cicely wallpaper is a botanical study of this elegant wild herb, which grows along riverbanks and streams in Europe, and depicts it in delicate line work and subtle washes of watercolour to create an understated and chic pattern in a palette that reflects natural earthen colours.

Wallpapers with Milton & King, Cotton Grass by Hackney & Co

Referencing the peaty bog fields of Scotland and open vistas of long grasses with fluffy white heads, the Cotton Grass wallpaper portrays these slender blooms dancing amongst themselves. Also known as bog cotton, or hares’ tails, cotton grass swaying in the wind is a beautiful sight to behold and the artist has embodied the plant’s delicacy in this wallpaper pattern creating something truly unique by using hand-drawn line work in vintage toned-down hues contrasting the modern zig-zag of horizon lines..

Wallpapers with Milton & King, Dancing Mayfly by Hackney & Co

During a very rare and short-lived spectacle that takes place along the riverbanks of Europe on midsummers’ evenings as dusk approaches, the mayfly come out to dance in a pleasant choreography just above the water. The Dancing Mayfly wallpaper is inspired by this very performance and its grey, green and blue palette reflects the earthen colours of the riverbank, inviting the botanical look into any natural home

Wallpapers with Milton & King, Wild Garlic by Hackney & Co

A celebration of foraged food and flowers, Wild Garlic wallpaper is inspired by the fresh days of spring when the woodlands are filled with the smell of wild garlic growing in abundance for the picking. Though sometimes regarded as a weed, wild garlic can be added to many culinary dishes. Featuring small, star like flowers and big billowing flower heads, the artist created this design as a sonnet to this unique and often understated plant.

Wallpapers with Milton & King, Marjoram by Hackney & Co

Marjoram wallpaper is a simple botanical study of a very well-known cooking herb, also known as ‘oregano’, that is affluently grown throughout the world. Marjoram is a wonderful culinary herb with simple, delicate leaves and small, purple blooms. This wallpaper design features shades of light stone and dark navy with a touch of chalk-like white for a subtle Mediterranean nod to the herb’s roots.

Wallpapers with Milton & King, Herbarium by Hackney & Co

Foraging her surroundings collecting each specimen by hand in the garden and in the wild, the artist was inspired to create the Herbarium Herbs wallpaper by fusing hand illustrations and watercolours in striking deep shades of mint green and sage green. Herbarium Herbs is a true journey and celebration of nature’s green larder.

Wallpapers with Milton & King, Herbarium Antique by Hackney & Co

Inspired by the artist’s own journey into the world of herbs, learning about them and their importance for health and wellbeing, and incorporating them into her daily routine, the Herbarium Antique wallpaper is an ode to this magnificent topic. The artist has combined hand drawn elements and watercolours on rich Victorian backgrounds for this stunning wallpaper, featuring forest greens, deep blues and lots of antique gold and silvery shades.

Wallpapers with Milton & King, Dried Herbs by Hackney & Co

With imagery of an array of herbs hanging upside down, among them mint, thyme and rosemary, the Dried Herbs wallpaper depicts a popular practice in herbalists’ and cooks’ kitchens. Hanging herbs upside down enables the essential oils to flow downward from the stems to the leaves, allowing the herbs to be stored and preserved for future use. Dried Herbs portrays this time-old tradition in a natural pallet of sage greens and soft mauves to create a pleasant and unusual backdrop.

Wallpapers with Milton & King, Seed Scattering by Hackney & Co

An abstract take on new growth on the earth, Seed Scattering wallpaper depicts the simple act of scattering seeds and watching them grow in all directions. In a quaint design that is delicate yet bold at the same time, this wallpaper features the natural contrast of stone and navy blues, representing the peaceful simple rhythm and vibrations of mother earth.

Wallpapers with Milton & King, Honeycomb Geo by Hackney & Co

The modern yet timeless Honeycomb Geo wallpaper is a natural hand-drawn interpretation of the bees’ home; their honeybee comb and the hexagonal prisms of golden wax they impressively and prolifically build. This simple, yet bold and sophisticated, geometric pattern is a more relaxed take on the structured lines created by these fascinating and talented little workers and serves as a wonderfully simplistic design to coordinate with the other similarly-themed wallpapers in this collection

Wallpapers with Milton & King, Bee Blossom by Hackney & Co

Bee Blossom wallpaper is inspired by the artist’s love for bees and based on the early days of spring when the worker bees busily collect nectar from the blossoms of the apple orchards, flitting from blossom to blossom in a hum of excitement to pollenate as many flowers as possible. The orchard’s blooms, combined with a subtle layer of honeycomb in this wallpaper design’s background are a true celebration of the close bond between the honey bee and the apple tree.

Wallpapers with Milton & King, Astrantia by Hackney & Co

Astrantia wallpaper features this delicate star-like flower, hand-illustrated with delicate line work. It is an homage to the wildflower, Asrantia Major, otherwise known as Hattie’s Pincushion. Exuding elegance and sophistication, Astrantia’s pattern depicts these sweet, bee-attracting wildflowers swaying in the wind in soothing and timeless hues of navy blue and golden honey.


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