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Orkney Gin Company Botanicals & Competition

I have been working behind the scenes on a new project with Andrea & Gary Watt of the Orkney Gin Company

My part was to illustrate each botanical ingredient in the three Gins and to create a leaflet to tell the folklore and inspiration behind the brand.

Orkney Gin Company, if you don't know already are based in the Orkney islands, an archipelago just north of John O’Groats. They are a family run business that produce not one but three award winning gins: Mikkelmas, Johnsmas & Rhubarb Old Tom.

It’s such a pleasure to be asked to work on a brand you truly admire (and drink).

The award winning Mikkelmas Gin is my absolute favourite, if you haven't tried these Gins already, you must !

Go take a look at their website to learn more about the orcadian folklore behind their brand and the hand selected botanicals in each gin and if you would like to own a limited edition beer (gin) mat and other prizes they are currently running a competition over on their Facebook page

Also go take a look at their Pinterest page. if you would like to know more about serving suggestions and even how to up-cycle their unique stoneware bottles.

Orkney Gin Company Botanicals.

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